“Seasonal salad” topped with fresh fruits
– and stripes of roasted chicken breast     € 15,50

Beilagensalat     € 4,50
Side salad

Matjesfilet     € 12,50
Fillet of young herring “housewife style” with slices of apple,
onions and diced pickles in a light creamy sauce,
served with boiled buttered potatoes

Salat mit Lachs & Forelle     € 15,90
Garden fresh salad topped with smoked salmon and trout,
served with apple potatoe paddies & horseradish dressing

“Old Bavarian” bread soup, with bits of fried bread and onions
€ 4,90

Rinderbrühe mit Leberknödel
Consomme with a liver dumpling, topped with chives
€ 6,50

Potatoe soup “munich style”
€ 5,90

Münchner Weißwürste mit süßem Senf
Original Munich white sausages with sweet mustard
2 pieces    € 5,00
3 pieces     € 7,50

with fresh prezel
1 piece € 1,40

Bayrischer Leberkäs     € 8,90
ca. 200g
Bavarian meat loaf with prezel and mustard

Original Nürnberger Rostbratwürstl
Nürnberger sausages with sauerkraut and bread (1)
6 pieces     € 10,90
9 pieces     € 14,20

Kälberne Milzwurst     € 10,90
Fried Milzwurst (slices of savoury sausage made from
calf“s milt and sweetbreads) with potato – cucumber salad (1)

Wiener Schnitzel     € 23,90
“Wiener Schnitzel” veal escalope, covered with bread crumbles, pan fried in butter, served with roasted potatoes and cranberry jam

“Dürnbräu Geschichten″    € 21,90
“Dürnbräu stories”, medallions of pork served with hearty cooked sauce of bacon, onions, herbs, garlic and fresh mushrooms, topped with stripes of roasted dark bread and a small side salad (1)

Zwiebelrostbraten     € 25,90
Rump steak, pan fried, topped with fresh homemade fried onions, served with roasted potatoes and a small side salad (1)

Tafelspitz     € 21,50
Tender cooked “beef steer” served in a hearty broth with stripes of cooked vegetables and boiled potatoes

Brustkern     € 20,90
Delicate cooked “beef steer” in a tangy creamy horseradish sauce, served with boiled potatoes and a small side salad

Schweinshaxen     € 15,50
Half crispy knuckle of pork, directly out of the oven served with sauerkraut and potato dumplings (1)

Schweinebraten     € 14,50
Oven fresh pork roast served with crackle on dark beer gravy with potato and bread dumpling and white cabbage salad (1)

Sauerbraten     € 17,90
Pot Roast “Munich style”, sweet-sour marinated cooked beef, served with bread dumplings and warm red cabbage (1)

Roasted duck, straight out of the oven, served with red cabbage and potato dumplings (1)
1⁄4     € 15,50
1⁄2     € 20,50

Kalbskopf     € 14,90
“Calf ́s head”, meat from the calf ́s head, pan fried in bread crumbles, served with sauce tartar and potato-cucumber salad

Milzwurst     € 10,90
“Savoury sausage” calf ́s milt and sweetbreads, pan fried in parsley bread crumbles served with potato-cucumber salad (1)

Kalbslüngerl     € 11,90
“Calf ́s lung” stripes of lung cooked in a zesty sauce made of vinegar, onions, pickles, served with a bread dumpling

Kässpätzle     € 12,90
Spätzle “Allgäuer style”mini dumplings covered with a creamy cheese sauce and roasted onions served with a small side salad

Rahmschwammerl     € 11,50
Fresh mushrooms served in a creamy sauce with herbs and bread dumpling

Gemüsestrudel     € 11,90
Strudel filled with vegetable, topped with a creamy sauce with herbs and parmesan cheese

Bayrischer Wurstsalat     € 8,50
Salad made from sausages typically produced in Regensburg

Schweizer Wurstsalat     € 9,80
Salad made from sausages with cheese

Ochsenmaulsalat     € 12,50
Ox muzzle salad with onions and roasted potatoes

Kalter Schweinebraten     € 9,80
Cold roast meat with horseradish and bread

Saure Breznknödel     € 10,90
„Sour“ bread dumplings with onions and
Regensburger sausage and a small leaf salad

“Obazda″     € 8,90
Obazda, cream cheese garnished with onion rings

Kaiserschmarrn      € 12,90
“Austrian style”- Warm specialty, directly out of oven, big special pancake, dough, added with almonds and raisins served in twitched bits in a pan, with stewed apples

Semmelschmarrn     € 13,90
“Bavarian style”- Bavarian version of “Kaiserschmarrn” directly out of oven served in twitched bits in a pan, with stewed plums

Apfelstrudel     € 6,50
“Applestrudel”, straight out of the oven, served on a creamy hot vanilla sauce

Bayrisch Creme     € 7,50
Bavarian crème with vanille and fruit sauce

Palatschinken     € 6,50
Pancake filled with ice cream, served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream